• What is a vaporizer?

    A vaporizer is a device able to utilize plants and essential oils in the practice of aromatherapy. Vaporizers use temperature control (not combustion) to heat plant matter or oils to an exact temperature, vaporizing the active ingredients which are then inhaled.

  • What is aromatherapy?

    Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of providing better health and improved quality of life.

  • Why is the DaVinci better than units that create combustion?

    Combustion instantly destroys 30-40% of the key elements found in various botanicals, and releases a multitude of new chemical compounds (carcinogens). Vaporizing provides a more desired effect by utilizing temperature-specific key ingredients which are released at much lower temperatures than combustion. The DaVinci Vaporizer delivers the active chemicals as a vapor mist, leaving behind undesired carcinogens as well as more fully utilizing the material.

  • I heard having a vaporizer can get me in trouble, is this true?

    The DaVinci Vaporizer is not intended for use with illegal substances and is completely focused as a mobile solution for practitioners of aromatherapy. Any instrument used for illegal substances can get you in trouble but aromatherapy devices are legal.

  • Why make a pocket vaporizer?

    Portability and mobility are important features for our personal gadgets. Our phones and computers are prime examples of highly useful devices that fit in your pocket and greatly improve our quality of life. With this in mind, a pocket vaporizer answers true portability while other vaporizers are criticized as too big. With a smaller sized device comes the advantage of true portability.

  • Why don't I see or smell smoke?

    Vaporization is designed to extract key ingredients through convection heating without combustion. Although the DaVinci Vaporizer is capable of reaching 430°F (221°C), most materials combust at this temperature and you are burning your matter. Use our temp guide to find the optimal temperature for your best vaporizing experience, without smoke or smell.

  • What is the best temperature?

    Optimal vaporization temperature is material specific and a matter of personal preference. Please refer to our temperature guide to indentify suggested temperatures for some materials, but ultimately the user of the Davinci will find a temperature range best suited to producing the desired effect.

  • Why does my DaVinci get hot?

    The DaVinci is capable of reaching oven temperature, so the unit feeling warm is normal. However, please do not obstruct the Heating Chamber grille while in use with your hands, clothing or other objects, as that will cause the unit to overheat.

  • What if I use Essential Oils instead of plant matter for my aromatherapy?

    We supply 2 small canisters we call "oil cans". The canisters have a rubber lid on one end. One canister is hollow and the other has a high temperature swab inside. The oil can with the swab can used to add essential oils. Simply pour your favorite oil onto the swab, put the rubber lid back on the can and place it in the chamber, then vape your essential oil. The hollow can may be used for plant matter. A new oil can is recommended for each type of essential oil that you are utilizing for optimal taste. Additional oil cans are available for purchase in our store. You may also wish to add oils to your plant matter to add some extra flavoring.

  • Does the DaVinci Vaporizer use butane?

    No. The DaVinci Vaporizer is 100% battery operated. There is no need to add butane. The DaVinci vaporizer runs on 3 rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Not only does this result in accurate temperature control, but you are not inhaling butane fumes.