Smoking VS Vaporizing


Vaporization for health-conscious consumers! In light of the airborne toxins, pollutants, and automotive fumes we inhale on a daily basis, it’s important to be give your lungs a break and be mindful of your smoking delivery methods. Instead of puffing away on that rolling paper, give consider vaporization as a more health-conscious alternative. You can see a quick video discussing the difference between vaporizing and combusting.

We’re all aware of the hazards that smoking poses to your health. While some people may enjoy the occasional celebratory cigar, routine smoke inhalation is the culprit to chronic respiratory conditions and serious lung damage. That’s because when we burn plant material we intend to inhale, the process of combustion occurs; producing toxic byproducts that range from carbon dioxide to tar and ash. That, in essence, is the main difference between vaporizing and combusting.

In recent years, vaporizers have become a popular item among the electronic cigarette market. That’s because vaporization is a great alternative to smoking. When it comes to vaporizers, there is no fire involved, so the act of combustion doesn’t occur. Instead, vaporizers use heat to warm your tobacco or aromatherapy blends to the point of creating a nice, thick vapor that is far safer for personal inhalation. Interested to know why you should make the switch to vapor? Take a peek at our latest infographic for a closer look into the benefits of vaporizers over traditional smoking methods.