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By working hard and staying focused, you can achieve a beach-ready body in a matter of just a few weeks. Whether you’ve got a few pounds to drop or you want to build some muscle, every advantage you can muster is important. After all, summer comes only once a year.

davinci IQ vaporizer with jumping rope

Getting into a workout groove is a little easier with some help from a secret weapon you’re not even aware of. Your vape.

When most people think about using their vape for aromatherapy, they are thinking about chilling out. A good vape is a perfect way to quickly deliver powerful herbs and essential oils to your body, and most people use it simply to relax.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Aromatherapy has been used for many years to cut the tension, calm the mind and help people unwind. But that’s not all it can be used for.

Sure enough, there are  vape aromatherapy combinations that may help you exercise more effectively – whether that means getting motivated, staying focused, recovering faster or even watching what you eat. It’s all possible with aromatherapy, and your vape is your tool.

Before you hit the gym this week, consider these tips.

Turning Your Aromatherapy Vaporizer into a Workout Machine

Warming Up

No matter what your workout style is, you want to be sure to start with a good warm-up. By stretching first and starting at a slower pace, you make injury much less likely. Right before your warm-up begins, you can indulge in aromatherapy with your favorite herbal vaporizer.

Lavender, rosemary, and peppermint create an awesome warm-up formula. The goal with this blend is to give your mood a boost while providing you with a shot of extra energy that gets you over the hill as you’re first starting your workout routine. Vape the warm-up blend at a recommended temperature range of 125 °C – 130°C (257 °F - 262°F).

Note: For almost any of these recipes, start with equal parts of each herb and adjust the formula as desired to suit your preferences. You can also massage essential oils into your muscles or joints, or use a diluted spray with the same recipe.

Figure out the best way to pace yourself and stage your vaporizer as you go.

Staying Motivated

green tea to stay motivated

Sooner or later – in the middle of even the best workouts – your momentum will flag and you’ll find yourself hitting the wall. If you’ve been working out for a while, you know that this doesn’t usually happen when you’re really at the end of your endurance.

Instead, you need something to give yourself a second wind and really reach down deep. It’s your vape to the rescue again with an herbal recipe consisting of ginseng, ginger and green tea. This is a powerful blend of energizing herbs that will keep you in action and help you focus. 

Vape these herbs at a suggested temperature range of 175 °C – 180°C (347 °F - 352°F) and give yourself five to 10 minutes to fully enjoy them.

Cooling Down

lemon balm abd eucalyptus blendJust like the beginning of your workout, you should consider ending with something that will protect your body and give you a worthwhile finish. Your vaporizer can give you something to look forward to when it comes to those tough workouts.

You deserve a reward, so try vaping a blend of lemon balm, eucalyptus, and St. John’s Wort at a temperature range of 130 °C – 140°C (262 °F – 272°F). These herbs are ideal for giving yourself a boost to muscle recovery and circulation. It’s the next best thing to a sports massage.

Over time, you’ll find that using this blend regularly helps you bounce back faster from your heaviest workouts. It facilitates extending your endurance, reaching your muscle-building goals and preventing common sports injuries that can strike when you least expect them.

What About Everyone’s Favorite – MMJ?

Medical marijuana is now legal in dozens of states, and it’s made a huge difference for patients all around the country. MMJ is usually prescribed for conditions that involve chronic pain. It can be consumed in multiple forms, including smokables, edibles and even CBD concentrates and oils.

Whether you use marijuana medicinally or recreationally, it has the  amazing effect of dulling even the most stubborn pain. Lots of people prefer to use MMJ rather than conventional, opioid-based synthetic medicine that can be habit-forming.

How does it affect your workout? Well, the answer there is: It depends.

A little marijuana can make your workout more relaxing and enjoyable. You might not know it, but the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency  considers weed a banned substance that can be used for “enhancing athletic performance.”

That might seem a little strange, but the latest research bears it out.

Since cannabis can relax muscles and soothe pain, it might be just the thing for a post-workout recovery. It can also enhance focus under certain conditions. Some strains are great for calming anxiety, which may make you a bolder and better player in your sport of choice.

The cannabinoids in marijuana are also similar to the body’s own endocannabinoids, which are responsible (in part) for the phenomenon of “runner’s high.” So, sensible amounts of marijuana can give you a smooth and relaxing boost when you’re ready to get moving.

For best results, take a small amount of your favorite bud about 15 minutes before exercise. Avoid moderate or heavy amounts, and skip it entirely if you’re going to be doing any heavy weight lifting, especially without a spotter.

About 20 minutes after cooling down and washing up, enjoy a hit to start to give your body the time it needs to rebuild after your workout. Of course, be mindful of drug interactions and any conditions you have that might respond to marijuana.

DaVinci Vaporizer is the Solution for a More Enjoyable, Effective Workout

If you want to be in the best shape you can for the beach, time is of the essence. The DaVinci  line of portable vaporizers will help you reach your goals with a workout that feels more mellow while still energizing you to the core.

With our attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship, you can enjoy aromatherapy and medical marijuana anywhere – in the gym or unwind afterward. Don’t wait. Give aromatherapy a try today with DaVinci.

Calculation Notes:

We used sources provided by DaVinci and an additional resource to tweak the herbal blends to be more diverse and perhaps more appropriate. The essence of what each blend accomplishes for the user is the same as before, though. There is one blend for warming up, another for workout motivation, and a third for cooling down.

Presently, we’ve included a range of temperatures that are ideal for the herb with the lowest recommended vape temperature since we did not want any herb in the blend to potentially combust. Generally, we’ve grouped herbs together that have similar recommended temperature ranges as well.

Herb Rec. Temp - C Rec. Temp - F
Lavender 130 266
Eucalyptus 130 266
Rosemary 125 257
Lemon Balm 142 288
Ginseng 175 347
St. John's Wort 150 302
Green Tea 190 374
Peppermint 133 661
Ginger 175 347

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