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When considering an herbal vaporizer, it is important to understand how they relate to traditional room vaporizers and humidifiers for the treatment of breathing conditions. Humidifiers release cool moisture into the air which has been shown to be beneficial when treating illnesses and sinus congestion.

By comparison, a vaporizer releases warm moisture into the air which can help break down mucus in the lungs and help treat sinus conditions. Vaporizers can also have medicines added to them to assist in treatment. A hand-held vaporizer works much like a larger room vaporizer in that it releases warm air and can use herbs or other liquids to aid in recovery.

Vaporizers and Asthma

As the above shows, a vape pen is similar to a room vaporizer in that it heats air that is then inhaled along with any added ingredients. Many people with asthma have vaped and reported a variety of results, many of which are positive.

Many former smokers noted that when they switched to vaping, the number of times they needed to use asthma medication decreased as did wheezing and other breathing issues. In this discussion, many users noted these improvements but did warn that there may be an adjustment period as you switch from smoking to vaping where your asthma gets worse before improving.

Scientific Studies

While user anecdotes can point to a positive trend, scientific study is still needed to verify the validity of a cause-and-effect relationship. Fortunately, such a study was performed. The test group in this study was 18 (11 men and 7 women) smokers. Ten of whom had quit smoking entirely and switched to vaping and eight who used vaping to greatly reduce their cigarette consumption. All were medically recorded has having mild to moderate asthma symptoms and all had reached a baseline level concerning their asthma symptoms.

After a baseline of their overall health and symptoms was established, long-term monitoring began. Each patient received an overall review of their health at six months and again after a year. Aside from physical testing, each patient was also interviewed and asked questions about any changes to their health.

After six months, all of the patients showed improvements in overall health and asthma control. The follow-up survey after a year showed these originally recorded improvements to have increased noticeably. During this study, none of the 18 subjects reported any serious health issues and the only reported side effects were dry mouth and mild throat irritation.

Along with overall health improvements being accredited to quitting or reducing the use of traditional tobacco products, vaping was noted to be “well tolerated” by people who have asthma.

Herbal Usage

Another key advantage with a vaporizer is you can load it with herbs that help treat asthma. Common herbs that are useful in asthma treatment include damiana and peppermint. Damiana has been used for centuries to treat asthma and depression while peppermint is popular for its soothing flavor and is used to treat a wide variety of ailments.


Despite users reporting positive effects on asthma symptoms, you still have to be careful with your vaping and understand possible effects and reactions. As doctors have noted, vaporizers, in general, are not very useful during an asthma attack. They can be useful, however, in reducing symptoms and attack frequency. Also, overly hot air can have a negative result so when vaping make sure you don’t overheat any herbs you are using.

There are several herbs you can use for your portable vaporizor. Legal ones. Check out the video below.

Using a vaporizer can have a positive effect if you have asthma and scientific studies back up this assessment. By reducing the consumption of traditional tobacco products, you can greatly improve your asthma symptoms and a vaporizer can help you reduce your use of tobacco. You can also use your vaporizer to vape beneficial herbs such as peppermint and damiana.

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