18650 Battery

Always a good idea to have an extra battery on hand to swap in-and-out of your IQ Vaporizer. Pick up 2 batteries for 10% OFF, or 3 batteries for 15% OFF!

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18650 Battery Reviews

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    DaVinci IQ Extra Batteries

    Posted by Big Bal on May 7th 2019

    Getting ready for camping! The 2 spare batteries work perfectly! Fast delivery!

  • 5
    Works well

    Works like it should

  • 4
    Odd that some 18650 bats will not fit!

    Posted by Charlie on Nov 25th 2018

    Some 18650 batteries have a 2-3 mm high + contact protrusion. These will not fit in the IQ the 18650 must be "Flat Top".

  • 5

    Posted by Pablo on Oct 4th 2018

    Can never go wrong with extra battery for your vape works great very easy

  • 5

    Posted by Kerri on Aug 26th 2018

    Batteries are great. Hold a charge etc. I wish they had an indication of how much charge they have left tho.

  • 5
    great batteries

    Posted by velothemonk on Jul 29th 2018

    altough on battery selling sites they cost about 6 bucks, i mean the same quality ones. And please dont belive non of my words, educate yourself.NCR18650GA is the type of the battery as the above video shows.

  • 5
    As expected

    Posted by Debbie on Jul 21st 2018

    It arrived quickly, worked well, fits IQ; don't understand why people can't tell which end is positive, so maybe they changed something because it's now obvious. Very happy, and I love my IQ, too!

  • 3
    It’s ok

    Posted by Raymond stone on May 31st 2018

    I would like to see the battery last a lot longer than it does.

  • 2
    Possible Defect

    Posted by Evan on Apr 28th 2018

    On a good note, I was blown away when I received my order in less than 48 hours. Very impressive! Unfortunately, I think I may have a defective battery as I have to charge this battery every 2nd day. Also, if you tap the IQ with your finger hard enough, the entire device shuts right off. Last, I have watched the battery icon say that it was empty but I had literally just charged it, then a minute later, it says it's 3/4's full.

  • 5
    Spare battery!

    Posted by JC on Apr 27th 2018

    Get at least one spare. You will be glad you did!

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