Ascent Vaporizer Extended Warranty

Is your Ascent Vaporizer out of warranty? To continue to provide exceptional service to our customers, DaVinci offers an extended 6 MONTH warranty service for Ascent Vaporizer units.

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Ascent Vaporizer Extended Warranty Reviews

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    Posted by Victor on Sep 2nd 2020

    I am very happy, i received a new Ascent vaporizer with the extended warranty.

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    Posted by Dale Gunsalus on Jun 24th 2019

    I had an ascent and used it every day for 2 1/2 years it finally conked out I bought the extended warranty and was sent a brand new one everything is good about da Vinci

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    Phenomenonal Customer Service!

    Posted by SBell on Feb 3rd 2019

    The extended warranty offer truly shows how much they trust and believe in their products. Sam was clear in what to do and perfectly courteous. I love my DaVinci Ascent!!

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    Awesome Warranty and Service

    Posted by Jonathan on Jun 21st 2018

    I don't write reviews to often, usually when I do it's because I've had an awful experience or an amazing experience. In this case mine is the latter, I have nothing but good things to say. First off the Ascent was an awesome peice of equipment but I had charging issues after having the unit 3 years or so. I purchased this extended warranty and like most all the other reviewers I am getting a brand new unit shipped to me (the IQ since Ascent is discontinued). This company has very speedy response times to emails, most of the time I have a response in a few hours (unlike some companies that are 24-48hrs all the time). Emails are very informative and clear to the point. Again wouldn't hesitate to recommend the vapourizers here and would definitely recommend the extended warranty if you have a problem. Like ask yourself this, how many companies would allow you to buy an extended warranty AFTER the point of sale and then replace it with a brand new unit. Most companies you have to buy extended warranty when making the initial purchase and some will allow you a grace period of like maybe 2 weeks. Seriously 3 years after my purchase and I was able to buy an extended warranty, that is unheard of. Just Awesome!!!!!

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    Posted by Richard on Apr 6th 2018

    Very good service. So helpful

  • 5
    Great Customer Service

    Posted by Ryan on Sep 28th 2017

    Emailed back and forth with Tim. He was super helpful and accommodating. Took them a bit longer than originally stated to repair and reship my vape. But at the end of day, my vaporizer is being replaced and that is what matters. Does it suck that I had to pay an extra $50? Yeah it does, but the ascent is a great vape so I don't mind paying that fee once. Side note: the style is different from the one I initially ordered. But as long as it works like it should and is under another 2 year warranty, the style doesn't matter.

  • 5
    Unbelievable service and warranty...

    Posted by Jennifer on Sep 20th 2017

    At first this warranty seemed too good to be true. In the end, it exceeded my expectation. After years of use, our Ascent just died. I was able to buy the warranty and all I had to do was send the piece in. She was unfixable and within three weeks a new one arrived and of course, is working great. This type of customer service puts DaVinci above and beyond all others. Truly wonderful...thank you again and again!

  • 5
    Quality, Durability and Efficient!!

    Appreciate the extended warranty service for this product. Great service and communication.

  • 5
    Great way to keep up your device, excellent customer service

    Posted by Dustin on May 3rd 2017

    This is a great avenue to maintain your device after the original warranty runs out. I love my Davinci Ascent and with the warranty they will repair it without me having to buy a new one.

  • 5
    Great customer service, rapid repair and return.

    Posted by John on Oct 27th 2015

    Great customer service, rapid repair and return.

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