Ascent Vaporizer Wall Charger 110V-240V (US)


About the Ascent Vaporizer Wall Charger 110V-240V (US)

Ascent Vaporizer Wall Charger 110V-240V (US) Reviews

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    This charges your Ascent perfectly

    Posted by Jack Sinclair on Jun 18th 2018

    Even though your Ascent will run for years on its own, and you think it is butane based, it actually has batteries and you can charge it for endless use. Simply plug it in one of the holes at the bottom and the device will magically come back to life!

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    Works great

    Posted by Kelly on Jun 12th 2018

    Ordered a new charger, works great

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    love it

    Posted by jeff on Apr 4th 2018

    my old charger got eaten by my dog. happy to have this new one.

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    Posted by Barbara Welch on Dec 29th 2017

    Lost my original so much appreciated your quick delivery to Canada. As I went to plug it in to a wall I found the original. What a perfect lace to store it. Do you think my recent concussion could have anything to do with this.

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    Recharging my Ascent

    Posted by Tino on Dec 1st 2017

    One of the most important things about having a quality vaporizer is the charger. I don't care how cheap, expensive, large, small, etc your vaporizer might be, if you can't charge it back up, you're fucked. This charger works right on point and it's just like the original one it comes with when you first buy the Ascent. I'd definitely but again.

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    I came with out any problems ordering. I was able to use my vapoizer again. I seems to have a better attachment than the one that broke.

    Posted by susan martin on Oct 12th 2017

    I like it

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    Amazing! built to last!

    Posted by elijah on Oct 10th 2017

    I bought the davinci accent vape and have had it for 6 months now. I have accidentally dropped it now 3 times and still works great. the front screen broke (totally my fault as i fell and it was in my hand when i fell) but it still works the same! i would highly recommend this product and I look forward to getting the new model when I have the money. thank you!!

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    Posted by chelle on Apr 21st 2016

    Replacement unit works gteats

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    it does what its supposed to

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 27th 2015

    It works and came fast in mail. Overpriced