CBD And The Covid Vaccine

Posted by DaVinci Staff on Nov 10th 2021

Several experimental studies have recently published that CBD could have specific benefits in managing the symptoms of Covid-19. If this is true, any benefits should be seen as supplemental to traditional medicines, as there are currently no official statements from health authorities or institutions that confirm this.

CBD And Covid Vaccine Studies

Some recent studies have highlighted that CBD may help prevent the cytokine storm that occurs amongst those with Covid-19. But again, there is no verifiable or clinical proof to validate such findings. Therefore, one should not rely solely on CBD for protection from Covid-19 or the management of its symptoms.

Nonetheless, the use of CBD has spiked during the Covid-19 pandemic due to its other known benefits. Some individuals have found that CBD enables them to cope with the anxiety brought on by the condition and helps them to deal with the emotional issues they experienced during these difficult times.

Increased CBD Use

The use of CBD has been on the rise, coinciding with mass vaccination against Covid-19 that is currently ongoing. As a result, people may have questions about how the two relate and interact with each other.

Interaction Of CBD With The Covid Vaccine

Early studies revealed that CBD might have anti-inflammatory properties, which could mean the modulation of immune responses in some people. Consequently, some specialists suggest that CBD should be avoided by those intending to get vaccinated. However, there isn’t hard proof of an adverse reaction when the two are combined. It’s more likely that CBD won’t interact with Covid-19 vaccines, but it’s still a good idea that you take some precautions.

Since CBD alters immune and inflammatory responses to a certain extent, it would be best that you stop taking it for a while, perhaps a week before getting vaccinated. You should also keep away from it after getting the shot, maybe for a couple of weeks. Others say that casual ingestion of low doses of CBD will not cause any harm.

Due to the increased use of CBD during the pandemic, some may find it helpful to know more about the stimulative and depressant effects of cannabis, so they can adjust their use accordingly. Furthermore, newbies might be wondering about the effects of CBD on a drug test, and click here for more information.

To Conclude

It is essential to differentiate between the use of cannabis and CBD supplements. Individuals using high doses of marijuana regularly could have muted their body’s response to vaccines. However, such claims are not yet proven by any medical authorities.

On the other hand, it’s good to remember that CBD supplements have a proven track record of safety and do not appear to have a clinically significant influence on immune responses. But again, the safe option is to stay away from CBD before and after you receive your vaccine.

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