DaVinci Battery Charger

The DAVINCI 4 Slot Digital Battery Charger fits any size DAVINCI battery and features 4 slots to charge up to 4 batteries at the same time. By default, the charger automatically selects the optimum charging current according to the battery characteristics. You can also set the charging current manually (Max 1.5A, Min 0.1A). The DAVINCI Battery Charger makes an excellent companion for any DAVINCI device and effectively cuts your charging time in half.



DaVinci Battery Charger Reviews

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    Very handy and ready to use out of the box

    Posted by JimR on Feb 3rd 2021

    Pretty much as you'd expect from any battery charger, it does the job. It has a couple of features in particular that I like. First, it charges quickly, in about 2 hours versus 6 with just the IQ2 itself. You also don't have to remove the battery after it's charged. It automatically turns off the slot (1of 4 total) at that point... no worry about over-charging. With 4 batteries installed it will charge each one independently. One of the slots (#4) will also fully discharge the battery if you need. I believe this helps keep the batteries at maximum capacity over time. I bought just one extra battery at the same time. When one depletes the other is ready to go. I'm happy with the purchase, would recommend it for the convenience it offers.

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    Well build and sturdy

    Posted by Rg on Jan 29th 2021

    Awesome item well built, good quality product! It was sent quickly and price is on point for the quality of the charger.

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    Get this if your wanting ultimate satisfaction with you micro. Having extra charged batteries will keep you on top of your devices use.

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    Best battery charger

    Posted by JJ on Dec 31st 2020

    This charger was well worth the money. Instead of taking sever Hours to recharge, this unit does it in about 90 min. Can charge different sizes and powers. No messing with anything. If you have the Davinci but Py an extra battery and this charger.

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