DaVinci Vaporizer Extended Warranty

Is your DaVinci Vaporizer out of warranty? To continue to provide exceptional service to our customers, DaVinci offers an extended 6 MONTH warranty service for DaVinci Vaporizer units.

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DaVinci Vaporizer Extended Warranty Reviews

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    keeping the classic unit clean

    Posted by Charles Witter on Jun 11th 2015

    My sister in-law used it for 8 months and did not know to keep it clean. She then broke the mouthpiece off to try to clean it as it was clogged. The new one you sent(thanks very much) will be kept clean. I got her isopropyl alcohol and pipe cleaners and told her to put a very little smear of vasoline on the threads. Clean it regularly. I think your manual should have a section on cleaning.

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    extended warranty

    Posted by Goldstein mcneal on Apr 22nd 2015

    Recently i decided to purchase a extended the original warranty had already expired. So i decided to get extra coverage for my da vinci. Im glad i did because a few days later my da vinci died..Long short i call the warranty department and got a Rma # then i shipped my da vinci . This was Tuesday of last week my da vinci will arrive back before this friday..Thanks you guys great customer service you and were very professional

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