Dosage Pod Holder

The perfect on the go companion for the IQ vaporizer series! Crafted from brushed aluminum, this sturdy case holds up to 6 ceramic dosage pods.

Contains: 1 Dosage Pod Holder, 1 Multi Tool, 6 Alumina Ceramic Dosage Pods, 6 Silicone Pod Jackets.

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Dosage Pod Holder Reviews

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  • 5
    Very cool

    Posted by Igor D'andrea on Jun 23rd 2021

    This is so usefull and nice you can purchase steel pods with it ... just the best improvement ... quick load and clean chamber !!! Great I enjoy my IQ2 as never

  • 5
    Comes with ceramic pods!

    Posted by Cody on May 13th 2021

    Perfect accessory to carry your pods, the magnetic closure is very satisfying. I do wish it had the same brushed finish as the IQ2, but that's being very picky. Just noting something the description doesn't make clear: it comes with 6 ceramic pods! I ordered this along with 6 pods separately not knowing, now I have a dozen! Not the worst problem.

  • 5
    User friendly

    Posted by Jose V on May 7th 2021

    They are very well made. It's so easy to have a fresh tasty session. I would say treat yourself to these.

  • 5
    Good stuff

    Posted by Robert on Apr 28th 2021

    Yes, this is a nice product. It’s very easy to pre-fill the dosage pods (included) and quickly change a pod. It keeps the vaporizer cleaner.

  • 4
    Pod holder

    Posted by Jack on Apr 7th 2021

    This is an ideal accesory for the pods and it comes with the exra ceramic pods as well! I like to fill each woth a different strain to liven up my selection. But, it comes out of it's protective case when opened too easily. But the magnetic catch works great and lets it stick to fun places. Fix the slide out issue and I'd give this 5 stars and say it's required for taking them out of the house.

  • 5
    Must Have for Microdosing

    Posted by Mike DePasquale on Apr 6th 2021

    After having my IQ2 for a few months, I got used to using the pods for microdosing. I got so used to it, that it became a hassle to continually refill the same pod. I was planning to purchase a pod kit, but then I saw this release. I had to have it and am not disappointed. Its an awesome design, sleek, stylish and pretty stealthy. I love the magnetic connector that holds the sliding drawer out. It holds shut extremely well and doesn't feel at all like it would slide out even if was forcefully shaken. The pieces that hold the pods are silicon and have a fantastic grip on the pods. I will note that if you put the pods in UNPACKED the lids are quite lose and can jiggle loose. I wouldn't put them into the holder empty, if I had to I'd put them in lid down. The only downside there is you might need the pick tool to rescue them from inside the hole. But it includes a pick tool so you are covered! All around a great product, well designed, sturdy and comes with everything you could need. The box it comes packed in is also well built and solid. It holds the pod holder and the individual pods in their silicon cases so beautifully.

  • 5
    Stylish and Practical

    Posted by Mitch on Apr 4th 2021

    The storage pod holder looks great and is extremely well made. I much prefer using the dosage pods and find them best if I tamp them full firmly then make an air channel using the pick. In an ideal world there would be storage for one of the silicone sleeves in the holder, as taking out a hot pod and putting it in the holder is pretty hard. I would also love if the pod holder came in the same brushed finish and colour as my grey IQ2, but that's just me being OCD.

  • 5
    Dosage pod holder super companion.

    Posted by Yevhen Ivanov on Apr 3rd 2021

    I used one capsule from the kit and immediately my hand reached out to order this item. With a little waiting, I can enjoy my IQ2 on the go with more comfort. And at home I use capsules with pleasure. My wife especially likes them) I would also like to note the holder for capsules, it is concise and convenient to use. The only thing I can find fault with is that they are not made in color with the device (my inner perfectionism says)). But this is such an insignificant minus that, against the background of all the other advantages from using the products, only positive emotions remain. Thanks to the designers and developers for worrying about us. I am delighted to be part of the Davinci community.

  • 5
    Must have if use the pods

    Posted by Geoffrey on Mar 28th 2021

    Once I realized I was going to be using the dosage pods regularly, this was a must have. It does not disappoint! Super slick case. It looks good on the table next to your vape. And it packs up easy for out and about. Would buy again. Would recommend.

  • 4
    Easy to use and very little clean up.

    Posted by Peter Premo on Feb 18th 2021

    I use the dosage pods during the week because it’s convenient and easy to clean. Just pop in a new pod and your good to go. Packing density seems to play a role in cloud production. When using pods, I have to run the temp at max to get clouds. But even without clouds I know I am getting good hits.

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