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One huge leap for machine kind


The World's First Vaporizer that tracks and reports your intake of THC and CBD down to the draw. With innovative features like on device dosage, the all-new AirDial™ and customizable Smart Path technology, the DAVINCI IQ2 is the connoisseur's choice worldwide.


All the purity and power of our flagship devices, contained in a 3x1 inch frame. The DAVINCI MIQRO trades an extensive feature set for world class portability, making it the smallest premium vaporizer available today.


The original portable premium vape, the IQ took the nation by storm with it's sleek design, pure, sealed vapor path, and temp control that is accurate to within 1 degree. The IQ remains a favorite among the cannabis connoisseurs of the world to this day.

DaVinci Vaporizers are where technology and purity
are harmonious.