The Flexi-Straw is a replacement for the one included with the Davinci Vaporizer. This rugged mouthpiece is ideal for portability and discreteness. It is removable from the unit for compact carrying and can be easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

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Flexi-Straw Reviews

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  • 4
    It's a straw!

    Posted by BoB Smith on Oct 27th 2014

    A great item to have if you insist on jamming your DaVinci vaporizer in your pocket.

  • 5
    Vast improvement!

    The new rubber flexi-straw design is a vast improvement over the old woven design. The Davinci Vape is fantastic blows the pax away hands down for performance and ease of cleaning. Happy the flexi-straw issues were addressed now to see how long the new model lasts.

  • 5
    Much improved.

    Posted by RB on Oct 18th 2014

    after owning my Davinci vape for a couple of years now it was getting less use due to issues with the flexi-straws falling apart (the only problem i ever had with my DV). I had ordered a few flexi's after replacing my second a year and a half ago. Now I ordered a replacement direct from Davinci and find they addressed the problems and redesigned the flexi straw.The new rubber feeling cover feels much more sturdy than the old stiff braided flexi-straw. Great job y'all now my Davinci is back serving as my #1 rechargeable portable vaporizer, Thanx so much.

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    New design is way better!

    I only had this vaporizer for about 3 1/2 months before the straw crapped out and became unusable. There was a nylon-ish mesh around the straw that kept coming out of the screw in piece. It frayed and was a real pain in the ass. I was pretty disappointed to spend so much money on the device itself to have this happen so soon. I sucked it up and ordered a new one. THANKFULLY it was a new design with a more rubber type hose for the straw. I'm confident it will last a lot longer than the previous one. Sucks I still had to pay for a replacement so soon though..

  • 4
    great product

    The original flexi straw frayed quite quickly with a few weeks use and wouldn't stay in very well but the vape works so well it was easy to overlook. The replacement part came quickly

  • 3
    Its good and worth it.

    Posted by Griff on Mar 10th 2014

    Easy to fray and the glue didn't hold. still enjoyed it and they shipped the new one quickly. love the vape, wish the straw was a little more durable. Overall Completely worth it.

  • 4
    great product, great service

    Posted by boyd on Oct 7th 2013

    Hi I bought my da vinci vaper and within 3to4 weeks both the flexi straw and snorkel broke, they could be used but the sheathing frayed and so had to be removed for the tube to fit on the screw fitting. I bought a flexi straw (p&p price was a joke) and I also contacted da vinci. Da vain I sent out one of each product with no hassle whatsoever. The products work excellently with the vaporizer, all about the flexi straw and snorkel and the da vinci is brilliant. Defo recommend.

  • 4
    This is an awesome product

    Posted by Anon on May 24th 2012

    In my opinion this is the best damn vaporizer I have ever owned, I love it.

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