Glass Straight Water Tool Adapter 14mm

The ultimate vaporizer accessory, in an 14mm adapter size. Simple to use and "straight" to the point. Simply replace the glass mouthpiece of the Ascent Vaporizer with this handy adapter and insert into your favorite water piece to create an instant water filtered vaporizer.

Benefits of using this accessory include cooling and rehydrating the vapor output, and marinating the all-glass pathway for pure flavor.

Designed specifically for the Ascent Vaporizer, the straight, all glass, water tool adapter is recommended specifically for loose leaf and plant matter. Please refer to the U-Water tool adapter for essential oil use.

This Ascent Vaporizer accessory can be used in conjunction with any standard water tool with an 14mm fitting, depending on the selection made.

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Glass Straight Water Tool Adapter 14mm
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Glass Straight Water Tool Adapter 14mm Reviews

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  • 5
    Great Product!

    Posted by Tenzin M on Oct 10th 2017

    Great product, well worth it for the ability to use your water pieces. Sadly, I dropped it after owning it for less than a week and it broke. Looking forward to saving enough (the bills they keep coming) and buying it again, hopefully soon.

  • 4
    Great peice

    Posted by Justin Mathers on Jun 27th 2017

    Beautiful price, works great, could be about an inch shorter, but that doesn't affect its performance whatsoever.

  • 5
    Great product.

    Great product. I found it was the perfect size. I wouldn't change a thing! It works great with The Pinnacle Water Tool or F bomb which are exactly the same Water tools just with different names, and I feel a must have item! DaVinci actually should sell a similar if not the same water tool. Its truly works that great in combination with the Ascent!!

  • 4
    Great adaper

    This is a great adapter. My only suggestion is that it could probably be a bit shorter. Other than that, I find it works well attached to my waterpipe or as a thicker draw stem.

  • 5

    provides wounder full thick vapor hits, when attaching it to some pieces the vape can sometimes get in the way of hitting it. It would also be nice if they came out with a female 14mm and 18mm adapter so we could use our rigs with out the need of a adapter. overall great product.

  • 4
    Good Glass Stem

    Posted by Pocket Vaper on Nov 18th 2014

    DaVinci has a good thing going here. I have a fondness for the Ascent, especially with the adapter. A 14mm male end will support a micro water tool with superb results. There is a slight give with the tool I have, but it is from a different manufacturer. Maybe DaVinci will produce their own in the future. As for the tool itself...smooth and efficient. It really furthers the glass-on-glass experience.

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