Glass Straight Water Tool Adapter 18mm

The ultimate vaporizer accessory, in an 18mm adapter size. Simple to use and "straight" to the point. Simply replace the glass mouthpiece of the Ascent Vaporizer with this handy adapter and insert into your favorite water piece to create an instant water filtered vaporizer.

Benefits of using this accessory include cooling and rehydrating the vapor output, and marinating the all-glass pathway for pure flavor.

Designed specifically for the Ascent Vaporizer, the straight, all glass, water tool adapter is recommended specifically for loose leaf and plant matter. Please refer to the U-Water tool adapter for essential oil use.

This Ascent Vaporizer accessory can be used in conjunction with any standard water tool with an 18mm fitting, depending on the selection made.

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Glass Straight Water Tool Adapter 18mm
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Glass Straight Water Tool Adapter 18mm Reviews

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    Good product

    I really enjoy this, I use it on my bong and as a mouth piece when I want a more comfortable pull, it's not cheaply made, the stem is the same thickness as the standard glass mouth piece except for the joint end Ofcourse and it gives a perfect connection to my stem which means a great pull. The only reason I give it a 4 is that with any standard bong flipping the ascent is needed to make the connection and most ascent users know flipping or tilting the ascent means losing some vapor from the chamber.

  • 4
    good product but recieved tge wrong one

    Posted by josh on Sep 9th 2013

    Overall it's great! My only gripe is that I ordered a 14mm adapter but they sent an 18mm in a 14mm box!

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