How Do You #RaiseYourIQ?

Raise it up, raise it proud! Everyone has a different reason that they gravitate towards their vaporizer, what’s yours? At DaVinci, we focus on delivering consciousness via technology. Whether you’re a flavor chaser, looking to up your fitness level, a medical patient or just looking for some inspiration, we're here to ensure that you know how to optimize your session and get the most out of it.


When herbs are heated, terpenes are released into the vapor creating a vast spectrum of flavors. Knowing which temperature to heat your herbs too, is the crucial detail that can be the difference between getting sweet, aromatic flavor and burnt popcorn.

Terpenes are the aromatics in plants that give plants their unique smell and when heated, flavor. These compounds are pretty sensitive to heat and will be quickly destroyed at higher temperatures. Here’s a shortlist of boiling points for common terpenes, but check out our full terpene article for more in-depth information.

  • Linalool: 388°F (198°C)
    Ailments: Anti-inflammatory, modulate motor movement, helps treat liver cancer
  • ß-Caryophyllene: 311°F (155°C)
    Ailments: Anxiety relief, reduce depression, relieves arthritis
  • ß-Myrcene: 330°F (166°C)
    Ailments: Muscle relief, Anti-inflammatory, sedative
  • D-Limonene: 348.8°F (176°C)
    Ailments: Weight loss, prevention and treatment of cancer, bronchiti
  • α-Pinene: 311°F (155°C)
    Ailments: Cough suppressant, alertness, memory retention

In addition, the DAVINCI IQ features a flavor chamber for those who want to take it to the next level. Capitalize by adding a terpene boost to your session by adding some dried peppermint, lavender or citrus peels to this chamber during your next session. Not only will you get a flavor pump, but you’ll realize all the health benefits these plants offer.

Health & Fitness

Runners, cyclists, swimmers, professional fighters, and former NFL players are coming out of the woodwork nowaday touting the benefits of cannabis consumption. It’s no surprise that recreational and professional athletes are turning to a consumption method that doesn’t harm the lungs in the process.

So what’s happening here that’s making all the difference? To get a bit scientific, cannabinoids are the lock and key to the endocannabinoid system which impacts the physiological processes in the body, including pain management, memory, appetite, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Pre-workout: Keep your temperature below 365°F to avoid many of the sedative effects and consume small amounts. There have been studies, including those with ADHD patients, which point to increased focus allowing you to keep your head in the game.

During workout: The benefits are also great in helping increase the effectiveness of the workout right off from quieting the noise, having concentrating and really being mindful of every lift and what it means for that muscle group too. Studies suggest that sending energy toward concentrating on the specific muscle group you are targeting, helps in muscle activation, so could you imagine the results of having peace in your head and being ultra-focused?

Post-workout: When you're all gassed out and ready for that all green super-food drink, THC and CBN, have pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, which will help you to ditch the medicine cabinet and stay on track for the next workout.


We’ve all heard the basic reason to use a vaporizer; because it’s a healthier alternative. There is no sugary calorie ridden treats to ingest, and by not combusting any plant matter, you are eliminating a good amount of the harmful carcinogens and toxins found in smoke.

Vaporizers work by heating herbs to a temperature that is just hot enough to activate boiling points or evaporate active ingredients, while staying below the temperature for combustion. There are some carcinogenic ingredients that are present below the combustion point, such as benzene (385°F / 196°C), so it is important to know the profiles of the plant you are vaping.

In addition to the obvious health benefits of vaporization, did you know that you can use different temperatures to combat different ailments?

Take the terpene myrcene, for example, which is touted for hyper relaxing properties: It vaporizes at a temperature of 330°F / 165°C. THC, a euphoriant and anti-inflammatory agent, vaporizes around 315°F / 157°C, while reaping the benefits of the Cannabichromene (CBC), an antifungal, requires a vaporization temperature of 428°F / 220°C degrees.

Not only do different elements have different medical qualities, but they also make one feel different. Someone suffering from insomnia would likely vaporize at higher temperatures to activate sedative elements such as linalool (388°F / 198°C) and CBN (365°F / 185°C), while those seeking a stimulant would vaporize at lower temperatures, such as 348°F / 175°C to take advantage of Eucalyptol and THC delta 8 while not taking in the higher temperature active ingredients which would tag along in the entourage effect.


Many people find that cannabis enhances emotional states. Various studies have shown that those which consume THC tend to shift away from negative perceptions and focus more on positive outcomes.

Emotional states:
Many people find that cannabis enhances emotional states. Various studies have shown that those which consume THC tend to shift away from negative perceptions and focus more on positive outcomes.

Manage stress:
When used in small doses, and at low temperatures, this is an excellent means of stress management tool. Just relax the day away, and the low temperatures tend to alleviate any anxiety.

Induce creativity and meditative states:
Cannabis helps to form radically new ideas and increases verbal fluency, which is a result of the dopamine released into the brain. The result is relaxation, lessening of inhibitions and often allows you to perceive things new and differently. At higher temperatures, say post 375°F, a deep introspective thought may be provoked, which is the basis of meditation.

All in all, it’s a discovery process. Pick a few favorite herbs, experiment with different temperatures and rather than altering your mood, you can enhance it!