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  • 5
    Great for conserving material! Love them!

    Posted by Jlm on Oct 23rd 2020

    Perfect accessory for customizing your experience.

  • 5
    Great to be able to reduce bull size

    Posted by John on Oct 21st 2020

    Great product for reducing the amount of herb used in a session.

  • 5
    A Must

    Posted by Chris on Sep 4th 2020

    A must for any iq owner.

  • 5
    have to have them

    Posted by travis on Aug 15th 2020

    if you’re buying the IQ, you’re buying these too just don’t even think about it these take it to the next level and you don’t have to waste bud

  • 5
    You need these!

    Posted by Andrew on Aug 1st 2020

    I’ve been using these every time I load up the IQ. Shrinks the bowl size, but allows good airflow. With these, the device still works great and allows me to conserve. I’m generally the only one using the IQ during these times of COVID social distancing, the spacers cut down on needless waste. I think they should be included with the IQ, but they are well worth the price.

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    IQ glass spacers

    Posted by Juan C. on Jul 27th 2020

    I really liked it, it saves grass, the little one is better, it doesn't change flavor, it's perfect.

  • 5
    IQ is now complete

    Posted by MyCircles on Jun 25th 2020

    The spacers are perfect to use when I’m using the IQ alone and dont need to pack as much flower.

  • 5
    Great addition even for IQ2 (especially if your pearl breaks)

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 24th 2020

    So my pearl broke off in my iq2 so I bought a replacement pearl and these glass spacers, but I loved the spacers so much I didn't even end up installing the pearl.
    Honestly I think this is a must buy for any IQ or IQ2, as it helps lower the oven size but I've also found I just get a way more consistent cook when using them.

  • 5
    They work as far as airflow.

    Posted by Blake on May 8th 2020

    These should come with the IQ. I noticed the IQ 2 had these and a soft case with purchase. I just like the tested durability of the I Q