DAVINCI IQ Vaporizer


About the DAVINCI IQ Vaporizer

51 Light Grid Display

A whole new 51 LED dots display gives you a sophisticated feel while enjoying the purest vapor

Replaceable 18650 Battery

Enjoy up to 1.5 hours usage time and change batteries on the fly for extended vaping sessions

Precision Control

Craft your own vaping experience with precision temp control ranging from 250-430° F

Boost & Standby Mode

On-demand hit and energy saving abilities makes this vaporizer perfect for all types of users


With the IQ’s mouthpiece, we have elevated purity levels for flavor. Using a 100% ceramic zirconia air path and only the highest quality materials, the mouthpiece allows the user to draw out the purest flavor you’ll ever taste from a vaporizer.

Staying true with our innovative legacy on perfecting the purest flavor a vaporizer can produce, the IQ is definitely one of the best vaporizer you can get your hands on.


The IQ’s Smart Path Technology allows the user to select 4 different temp settings which lets the device automatically set the best temperature for your vaping sessions. Pick a setting, use it and enjoy – it’s that simple and smart.

Following our pursuit for perfect vapor, the IQ also is the only vaporizer that combines 3 different functions – Smart Path mode, Precision mode and Boost mode. All 3 modes guide the user through a tailored vapor experience or to let them craft their own.


The IQ is an app-enabled device that allows the user to have full control over their sessions. You would be able to track your Smart Path usage and see other important information of your device.

The app help extends the capabilities of your IQ which makes it more powerful and smarter. Have you seen a vaporizer turn on by using your phone? You do now with the IQ.


  • Device Dimensions
    1.75 x 3.61 x 0.97 inches; 4.5 x 9.2 x 2.5 cm
  • Device Weight
    6 oz / 170 g
  • Heat-up Time (to 230° F)
    (300°F / 149°C) 30 Seconds
  • Battery
    Rechargable / Replaceable 18650 Battery
  • Charging Time
    6 Hours in IQ (less in external chargers, sold separately)
  • Warranty
    10 Year

DAVINCI IQ Vaporizer Reviews

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  • 5
    Best vaporizer

    Posted by Anthony on Aug 31st 2018

    The Davinci IQ is very well made and has great flavor and vaper production it is very easy to clean and saves money on your dry herb . it may be on the expensive side for this device but once you own one you will realize why it is. its all about quality and has a 10 year warranty to boot.

  • 5
    The IQ

    Posted by John Fry on Aug 31st 2018

    My PAX 3 is going in storage. My IQ is fantastic. Simple, but versatile. I highly recommend it.

  • 5
    Discrete, Portable, and Powerful

    Posted by Josh on Jun 28th 2018

    This is a wonderful product, the side makes it very discrete and portable. Easy to bring around with you on your day to day to use when needed. It heats up very quickly, in well under a minute for even the highest temperature settings. The flavor chamber works wonderfully and unlike some vapes really helps to emphasize the natural flavor of whatever you are vaping. It is very easy to use, very easy to clean and has a very pleasant appearance. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone in need of a quality vaporizer.

  • 2
    Overpriced, impossible to clean

    Posted by Brendon on Jun 19th 2018

    I owned a Vapir NO2 for years. I could use it for weeks on end before needing to clean it, and all it took to clean it was twisting off a filter, dumping what had accumulated, the twisting it back on.

    The IQ becomes plugged *literally* every time I use it. Just now, I tried using it over the course of half an hour and finally gave up. There's multiple parts that tend to get plugged, and you'll need to clean them *constantly*. The mouth piece and the useless flavor chamber are fairly easy to clean. When they're hot, you can just blow into them and any blockages easily go flying out. It's that poorly designed mess under the flavor chamber that's the problem. Between the base of the flavor chamber and the entrance to the herb chamber is a small, very difficult to reach area. It tends to accumulate a ton of stuff very quickly, and the only way I've found to clean it is to prod around with a tooth pick while praying that something comes out.

    I wish I could give this a good review because it looks really nice and seems well built. The entire design of it though is just horrendous. The fact that there's so much praise here kind of tells me these reviews are probably fake. We'll see if mine here actually gets posted.

  • 5
    Worth every penny.

    Posted by D.M. on Jun 18th 2018

    Best vape device I've ever used, bar none. Stealthy, slick looking and excellent draws. The customisations available via bluetooth are mostly overkill for me as I am a casual vaper but I can see where a dedicated vaper would tweak it to his own personal ideal experience. A+.

  • 4
    Works great! However...

    Posted by Patricio on Jun 17th 2018

    As a vaporizer it really performs good and does what it's designed to do. BUT! The battery door is crap! Have had the device for a week and I'm already having contact issues. For nearly 300 bucks, the contacts connecting the battery should be rock solid!

  • 5
    Even better than my Ascent!

    Posted by Misbunny on Jun 12th 2018

    I purchased the IQ because of the replaceable battery, vapor cooling path and 10 year warranty. I absolutely love my Ascent and was worried the IQ wouldn't be as good and harder to clean, but that replaceable battery was too hard to resist. After less then 24 hours I'm totally in love with my blue IQ! My Ascent has now become the back up vape with my original Davinci. The vapor temperature and clouds of the IQ beat my ascent to my surprise and it is easier to load the oven. Cleaning seems about as easy as my Ascent. I use brass screens with the Ascent so I can use a fine grind but no need for screens with the IQ! I recommend you get the glove the unit does get hot at high temps or after prolonged use. So far my only wish list for the next generation of the IQ would be stronger magnets on the doors and making the battery door easier to snap closed. Bravo Davinci all your products are the best vapes out there and the IQ leads the pack!

  • 5
    Nice upgrade

    Posted by Michael French on Jun 6th 2018

    I couldn't have designed it better, except......
    It does get real hot and unit went ape shit the first time I charged it. It is working perfectly now. I had a Davinci Ascent which I bought in 2014. Only used for a few months and it broke. I had a glass spacer get stuck and attempting to remove it I broke the ceramic chamber. Custom service told me I had to buy a $60 warranty to get it fixed. I think customer service could be more forgiving since it was faulty design that caused damage. Anyways, the loyal consumer that I am I purchased I.Q.. Man am I glad I did. 10 year warranty? Replaceable battery? I'm in!
    This thing just oozes quality. Perfect size chamber, the mouth piece adapter (which you will use when it gets hot. Trust me, my lips are burned), hopefully glove will help with heat on your hand. The pearl is kind of a "duh..why didn't we have this all along".
    I love that the built in pick is accessible to a guy who keeps his finger nails short. I love the removable ceramic pathway. Easy to take apart and clean. The entire unit is so easy to clean, and keep clean thanks to that Zirconia finish.
    I love this guy so much. Most people would probably not have bought another Davinci unit with the lame customer service and issues I had. They could at least give you a coupon or something.
    I have a feeling they will be strict with warranty rules. Read it and you'll see. All things considered I am so happy I did buy this one.
    I also considered the fact that they would learn from the mistakes they made on Ascent and man did they ever. This has to be a top 5 vape period. Oh, and the styling IS flawless!

  • 4
    Best purchase in awhile.

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 5th 2018

    Only con battery life could be better.