IQ2 Mouthpiece

Made from a quality material that is ten times stronger than glass, this mouthpiece is a zirconium ceramic replacement mouthpiece for your IQ2. Purchase if yours is ever lost, broken, or you just would like to own an extra mouthpiece.

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IQ2 Mouthpiece Reviews

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  • 5
    I only use this!!!

    Posted by Mike DePasquale on Feb 23rd 2021

    So I didn't buy a spare at all, but I only use this moutpiece on my IQ2. I feel that I get a better airtight seal and feel more comfy using this. I can also easily wipe this with an alcohol wipe and share. I also have a 10-->14 adapter for my glass piece. When I am home I ONLY use the glass piece with this. 100% amazing and go sleek!

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    Hole-y moley!

    Posted by Dee Bond on Jun 22nd 2020

    The bigger holes give a smoother and cooler draws. Very nice improvement over the IQ. Great design!

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