Clean. Cool. Control.

For connoisseurs who simply want the very best portable, dual-use vaporizer, DaVinci’s newest provides cooler vapor and the ultimate flavor and control. The IQ2 empowers you to not only customize your cannabis experience through precision temperature and adjustable air flow, but also empowers you to track and report your dose per draw and per session.

Includes IQ2 dual use vaporizer, 10mm Bubbler Adapter, 0.2g Dosage Pod, 9 Pieces Organic Cottons, 1 Ceramic Extract Tab, USB Charging Cable, Pick Tool, 9 Alchohol Wipes

Flower Oil


DaVinci’s Legacy of Exceptionally Clean Vaporizers Continues

Like the other DaVinci vaporizers, the IQ2 is built with purity in mind with medical-grade components. No metal or plastic parts touch your herb or contaminate the flavor of your vapor. The airtight, all ceramic air path is engineered with zirconia and a glass-lined oven to ensure unprecedented purity and flavor.


NEW: Air Dial™ for Adjustable Air Flow

Using the IQ2’s air flow dial, adjust your device for easier draws and enjoy vapor that is 50% cooler than other vaporizers. Reduce your draw resistance and experience bigger, denser vapor.


NEW: On Device Dosage Calculation

Input your strain potency and the amount of herb or extracts in your oven and your IQ2 will track and report dose per draw and per session.


  • Compatible With
    Dry Herb
  • Capacity
    0.5g Dry Herb Oven
    0.2g Dosage Pod
  • Heating System
    Glass Lined Oven, Heat-not-burn Conduction
  • Air Flow
    Adjustable, Five Levels
  • Air Path
    Airtight, Glass and Zirconia Ceramic
  • Temperature Control
    Smart Paths and Precision Temperature Mode On Device LED Display
  • Materials Outside
    Brushed Aluminum
  • Size
    1.75 x 3.61 x 0.97 inches
    4.5 x 9.2 x 2.5 cm
  • Weight
    5.6 oz / 159 g
  • Heat-up Time
    Less than 1 Minute
  • Battery
    Type 18650, 1 Hour Use, Removable/Rechargeable
  • Charging Time
    6 Hours in IQ2 (less in external chargers, sold separately)
  • Warranty
    10 Years

Dose Control

On Device Dosage Calculation

Track and report the amount of active compounds per draw and per session with the first Fill Your Own - Know Your Dose vaporizer. Simply input your strain potency and the amount of ground herb or extracts in your oven.

Dose Control
Dose Control
Precision Temperature Control and Adjustable Air Flow

Precision Temperature Control and Adjustable Air Flow

Customize Your Vapor Experience

Adjust your temperature manually, within one degree of accuracy, or simplify your experience by using Smart PathTM temperature control. At higher temperatures and low air flow, enjoy denser vapor. At lower temperatures with less air flow, savor smooth, clean vapor.

Precision Temperature Control and Adjustable Air Flow

Maximize the Flavor of Your Flower

Built for Purity with Medical-grade Parts

Like the other DaVinci vaporizers, the IQ2 is built with purity in mind. You will not find any metal or plastic parts touching your herb or contaminating the flavor of your vapor. The all ceramic vapor path is engineered with zirconia components and a glass lined ceramic bowl to ensure unprecedented purity and flavor.

Maximize the Flavor of Your Flower
Maximize the Flavor of Your Flower
IQ2 lifestyle all colors

Easy to Clean and Built to Last

Thoughtful Design and Meticulous Engineering

IQ2’s light grid display provides feedback in a panel of 51 dimmable LED lights to show the length of your draw, your dose per draw, precise temperature, Smart Path, battery level and more. The battery is rechargeable and replaceable with any flat-top18650 battery with 10A continuous discharge, prolonging the life of your vaporizer. Like other DaVinci vaporizers, the IQ2 contains no loose parts making it easy to load herb into your device when you are on the go. With the IQ2, we have further simplified the airpath design making it even easier to clean. The IQ2 is built to last and includes a 10 year limited warranty.

IQ2 lifestyle all colors

DAVINCI IQ2 Vaporizer Reviews

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  • 5
    Never even heard of and took a chance

    Posted by Brent on Apr 28th 2020

    I had never even heard of DaVinci vaporizers until the smoke shop I work at brought the MicroQ in. I had already tried a few vaporizers so I did a little research on DaVinci's site and took a chance on the iq2 which has a pretty hefty price tag for those on a budget. However after getting it it is totally worth every dime. The smart paths are well-constructed and you can change it to your liking through their app which is very easy to use. Holds a great amount of flour and I haven't even tried the wax part yet but I know it will be just as amazing as with the dry

  • 5
    Overall great product

    Posted by Viv on Apr 27th 2020

    I love my IQ2. I’ll admit I was a little hesitant to purchase, but I’m so glad I did. Definitely lives up to its expectations. Only thing I’d suggest is adding an extra battery to your cart to eliminate the wait for a full charge.

  • 5
    The best vaporizer in the market!

    Posted by Leonardo Salazar on Apr 27th 2020

    This is one of the best gift for yourself, the flavor from the herbs, design to the touch and lights that indicate the time of the hit are incredible!

  • 2
    Better in every way except one

    Posted by Jon S on Apr 25th 2020

    I have had two Davinci IQ vaporizers, which have been reliable workhorses. The biggest improvement to the IQ2 in my opinion was increasing the number of air holes in the oven and adding the air control valve on the bottom of the unit. What a decrease in draw resistance! However, the reliability of this unit in comparison to the original IQ is abysmal. I have had to return it for repair once already and have just submitted a second request. My favorite feature of both the IQ and IQ2 is that you can simply swap out the battery when it's drained. My IQ2 has a tendency to fail to function after I replace the battery though. The first time it failed, it would still power on if I put a little pressure on the battery door with my finger. This of course still made the unit useless as you can't close the top to take a draw if you're holding the battery door firmly in place. I sent the unit back for repair after following all troubleshooting steps to no avail, it was returned and functioned for about a month with repeated battery changes, and then after a standard battery change it simply failed to turn on again. This time, it won't even turn on if I hold the battery door firmly in place. I've submitted another request for repair but who knows how long it will take now that the country is wracked by the coronavirus. Overall, the company's response so far has been good which is why I gave two stars. Otherwise, the IQ2 is a solid 1 in my book. I rely on this device for medical purposes and its constant failure would have a significant impact if I didn't still have an IQ to back me up. If I buy another vape from Davinci, it will be the IQ not the IQ2. Will update as I hear from the company.

  • 5
    First experience with vaping

    Posted by PJ on Apr 22nd 2020

    What else is there to say that hasn’t been said already? This vaporizer is perfect. Don’t let the price sway you as it is well worth the money. 5 stars

  • 5

    Posted by Michael Healey on Apr 20th 2020

    The only word that I can think of is incredible. I own an original IQ, which was great, but had room for improvement. Even only after a short time, I am truly impressed. From the sealed airway, to the dosage pods, I can’t actually complain. Most impressive is the decrease in heat. The original could become difficult to hold, and while the IQ2 still gets quite hot, it’s tolerable all session. Even concentrates are wonderful to use. There is always room for improvement. The mouthpiece could be a bit more snug as it falls out from time to time when opening the lid. The reflector ball could be a bit more tight on the threads. These are minor issues in an otherwise impeccable product.

  • 5
    Great addition to the arsenal

    Posted by L on Apr 20th 2020

    I got the DaVinci IQ2 to go along with the my Dynavap and Mighty vaporizers. The IQ2 fits in great! I really like that there are less parts that might need to be replaced. If you pack the oven right, it really puts off a lot of vapor. The IQ2 makes for the longest sessions among all of my vapes. I get bigger clouds with the Mighty but the IQ2 2 really keeps up when it's packed just right. Having the ability to remove and replace batteries on the go is a GREAT feature. I didn't realize how convenient that could be until I could actually do it. I got my IQ2 while it was on sale for $199 so if you can get it for that price or lower, I'd definitely recommend it.

  • 5
    Best Vape on the market

    Posted by Josh on Apr 20th 2020

    Wow. First of all the box this came in was very nice. The device is well built and very expensive looking. I picked the blue color and the color is amazing not boring at all. Very easy to clean, easy to use, e easy to take apart. Great job and best part is the battery comes out for quick charging. Great job on this device

  • 5

    Posted by Zac Tague on Apr 17th 2020

    I’ve seen a lot of heat on the internet following the release of this wonderful vaporizer. I was set on ordering this unit prior to reading many online reviews. What I’ve learned is this, those reviewing so far seem to have had slight issues with unit breaking/pre-maturely wearing, and rather than staying patient for issues to be addressed with sellers, they put up a poor review. This vape is an 11/10 hands down. The changes made to the IQ are outstanding. The reinforced pearl is tough as hell, and the dreaded part of the vape path that used to be so hard to clean is no longer a concern. The IQ2 produces such big clouds and the vapor tastes delicious. Battery life gets me 4-5 full ovens burned (I always pack plum full and vape until fully cooked, usually have to turn IQ2 back on due to session timeout in order to finish an oven in one go). The vape itself is beautiful. Feels more high quality than any vape I own (Mighty, Davinci IQ, Arizer solo 2, Pax 1, 2 & 3, Firefly 2, and Arizer ArGo) it feels solid and heavy, yet fits in the palm of your hand. I use the leather sleeve on the unit and there is zero heat felt from the unit. Adjustable air flow is great, when having 3 or 4 holes exposed for airflow the draw resistance is almost non-existence and the vapor feels so nice and full. Davinci knocked it out of the park on this one, best portable vape on the market (leave the Mighty for the home unit, the IQ2 is just as powerful and doesn’t look like a juice box for herb)