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On Device Dosage

DaVinci is known for innovation, and the IQ2 is no exception, IQ2 comes equipped with the world's first on-decide dosage calculation. Whether you prefer flower or concentrates, the IQ2 will measure and deliver to you the most precise set of data on your active compounds.


We know you're a vape god.. but sometimes gods need a little help too. Here are some FAQ's that other IQ2 users have asked.

  • 1. Where can I find my serial number?

    The IQ2 serial number is engraved on the back of the device.

  • 2. How long is the warranty for my IQ2 and what does it cover?

    The IQ2 is accompanied by a 10-year limited warranty and will cover everything except for consumer damage, cosmetic damage, accessories or normal degradation of batteries.

  • 3. I am not seeing a lot of vapor from my IQ2. How can I produce dense clouds?

    The IQ2 has a conduction style oven that works best when your dry herb material is a medium grind and packed firmly.

  • 4. Why does my IQ2 become hot?

    The IQ2 is designed to heat dry herb at temperatures as high as 430°F / 221°C. Because of this, it is normal for its aluminum shell to become increasingly warm during a session.

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