Looking Back on the Best Hand Held Vaporizers of 2015

You’re ready to buy a hand held vaporizer, but you’re not quite sure which particular unit to choose. That’s okay; you’re not the only one with this dilemma. The number of options in the vaping industry has indeed risen to such an extent that it can be difficult to choose just one unit, especially if this is the first time you’re ever making such a purchase. Even when you check “ top 10 best portable vaporizers” lists online, you’re likely to find different units on each list.

The thing is, there really isn’t a single vaporizer on the market that can be deemed THE best of all. What’s best for others may not be best for you, and vice versa. Factors such as budget and preferences as regards material, portability, design, taste, smell, etc. can affect one’s opinion as to which vaporizer unit is the best. To get you off to a good start in shopping for a portable vape, we have a compiled a list (yes, another list) of 5 hand held vaporizers that consistently make it to “top” lists. The fact that they always make it to this kind of list certainly says a lot.

Your preference as regards the taste of vapor produced by a vaporizer is one of the factors that can affect your opinion as to which unit is the best of its kind. Flickr.com photo by stevendepolo


This handheld unit comes from Storz & Bickel, the same manufacturer that brought us the Volcano, which is and has always been one of the world’s best tabletop vaporizers. 

The Mighty prides itself in delivering the same vapor quality as desktop models, but in a much smaller, cordless package. With two internal batteries, this unit can give you up to 90 minutes of vaping time. The unit’s temperature control system allows you to adjust the temperature anywhere from 104F to 410F, and the LED display is very easy to read.


This unit has somewhat of a retro-style design and is quite nice to hold, although it is a bit heavier than other portable units.

It has a glass herb chamber and stainless steel pathway for the vapor. The sleek finish and design are evident of the degree in product design held by its two developers. It boasts of excellent vapor quality, taste, and potency. It is also a highly efficient vaporizer, requiring only a small amount of material to be packed into the chamber. It may not be advisable for first-time users, as it requires a special technique to get the best results.

Arizer Solo

One of the best things about this unit is that it is incredibly easy to use, with its straightforward interface. 

It offers excellent vapor quality that stays consistent with every single draw you take. It comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery and two glass tubes, one straight and one with an angle. One drawback to this unit that may not be such a big deal to some people is the fact that you cannot use and charge it at the same time, so you’ll have to check on its charge before every vaping session to avoid the hassle of having your session cut short.

Pax by Ploom

Ever since it was introduced, this unit has always been hailed as one of the best when it comes to portability. 

You can easily slip it into your pocket, and it comes with a sleek design, to boot. Another attribute that has kept the Pax consistently in “top” lists is the ease of use and convenience that it offers. You can pre-pack it at home if you don’t want to separately carry around your vaping material. And if you want to know how much battery life it has left, all you need to do is shake it. Cool, huh?

DaVinci Ascent

And of course, currently known as the bad boy of the vaping industry, the Ascent has the distinction of being able to vaporize not only herbs, but oils as well. 

It is also lauded for being both stylish and discreet at the same time. It comes with an all-glass heating chamber and vapor path, a feature that has always been appreciated in tabletop units but was never before available in handheld units. That is part of what makes the Ascent a very exciting option. It is also commended for having an amazing battery system, allowing for 90 minutes of continuous use and for only $199 - it sure is the top choice of many.

Portable vaporizers do come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs, functionality, and price range. If you are a beginner with no idea where to start looking for the unit that’ll serve your needs best, the above list should get you off to a good start. Ask your family and friends if they have the above units and give them a try, so you’ll get an idea as to which particular model you like most.