"Snorkel" Extended Flexi-Straw

Is the regular straw a little too short for you? We call this vaporizer accessory "The Snorkel". Not only does the added length cool down the vapor from the DaVinci Vaporizer, but it's the perfect size to stick inside your coat pocket and hit the slopes...incognito.

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"Snorkel" Extended Flexi-Straw
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"Snorkel" Extended Flexi-Straw Reviews

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    Great Product, but Prone to Breaking

    Posted by Michael K on May 17th 2015

    Like all products on the market, nothing is perfect. The Snorkel is a great product. I like how it is longer than the standard straw, long enough to cool the vapor slightly before inhalation. But as I said, very product does have flaws; the flaw with both this and the standard straw is that it is really lacking in structural support at the connection to the device. There is a metal threaded piece that the rubber tube fits into, and that connection needs to be stronger. I have broken two of the standard sized straws, and one snorkel already because the bond just yields over time as most things do. If the connection was stronger or lasted longer, then this would have gotten 5 stars, but at about $20 a piece, I feel this should be fixed.

  • 5

    Posted by ROBO on May 7th 2015

    This is the best. you cant even tell you are smoking real herbs. no heavy smoke and tar just vaper. I love it!!!

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    Posted by Ryan on Apr 28th 2015

    The Snorkel is the perfect alternative to the default Flexi-Straw. It is very comfortable and the extra tubing allows for easy monitoring on the temperature sensor while using this device.

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    I love the snorkel tube

    I love the longer tube it gives the vapor a chance to cool off before entering your lungs. Only problem is within days of receiving it. It too came apart at connector like my original straw but after calling customer service they said they would replace it free of charge. Because of this I have absolutely no complaints. This company knows how to take care of its customers thank you again

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    did not arrive

    Posted by Patrick on Dec 1st 2014

    Its USPS's fault but now i cant use the vape i just moved to peru and you don't mail here. hopefully you can change that so i can stop smoking and start vaping again.

  • 5
    smooth smoke

    The snorkel made a huge difference for me. The smoke has a chance to cool and keeps my face away from the hot machine. Great buy. Worth every dollar spent!

  • 5
    must have

    The short straw will give you unbearable sore throats after multiple uses days in a row. You must buy the snorkel or you will regret it. You do not even feel heat from the short straw, but long is beyond worth the money.

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    Better than stock straw, but...

    Really cuts down the heat, but made the same way as the stock straw, which always comes apart. They need to used better material or something. I have to be extremely careful unscrewing it by the rubber part or I risk breaking it again. The longer straw does have more rubber, however, so this is easier with this one. Just get rid of the "mesh" or what ever it is and this would be a great product. For now, since there are no alternatives, it will do...

  • 5
    easy, cool and pleasureable

    Posted by victor on Sep 21st 2013

    Cool vapor, easy going and allows you to relax and enjoy it.

  • 5
    great buy

    Great buy good for resting the arm long enouph for vapor to cool on travel

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