U-Water Tool Adapter 18mm

This 18mm U-shaped water tool adapter was specifically designed for the Ascent Vaporizer. The uniquely shaped 100% glass piece allows for the hands-free use of loose leaf or oils. An included holder allows the vaporizer to remain in an upright position and provides continuous access to the vape chamber for easy filling or stirring.

Benefits of using this accessory include cooling and rehydrating the vapor output, and marinating the all-glass pathway for pure flavor.

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U-Water Tool Adapter 18mm
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U-Water Tool Adapter 18mm Reviews

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  • 4
    A bit gangly

    Posted by zzguppy on Feb 7th 2018

    It works quite well, but you will have to be very careful to not break it while using it. It was very nice to have a cool vape, but is pretty fragile to pass around.

  • 4
    Works well, needs to be thicker glass

    Posted by Andy on Jan 19th 2017

    I love the concept of this adapter and it works well connected to my bong -BUT, i just started using mine last week and the glass already snapped in half at the curve. I wish the glass was thicker or the price was lower because i don't doubt it will break again if i buy a new one.

  • 3
    this tool work great ,very impressed, only one bad thing to tell

    Posted by baddlybradley on Dec 22nd 2015

    The dang thing breaks way to easy . I'm stuck buying another one. Only if it didn't work so well ,I wouldn't buy again. It does work awesome so I'm buying another. It needs to be reinforced in the corners ( in the J part) I would have gave 5 stars if it didn't break so easily.

  • 4
    Looks precarious but performs admirably

    I got this included in the ascent package. it is a really neat addition to the ascent unit. Still need to find a water tool that fits correctly, but first trial went great. It provides an even smoother experience and is quite effective!

  • 5
    A great asset to have!!!

    Posted by Bump on Jan 29th 2015

    I am very satisfied with this accessory. The price is kind of high but if you are a consistent vaporizer user it is great. Attaching the glass adapter makes it super smooth and still tasty.

  • 5
    Great addition to the Ascent

    Very nice glass piece. Was skeptical how it would hold since the Ascent has some weight to it. Very great keeps the taste and cools smoke. This will kill a bowls maybe 5 to 8 great long chiefs. Personally like to get bigger water pipe hits so I'd also krank the temp up.

  • 5
    Fits great; Works great

    Posted by Vapor S. Thompson on Aug 12th 2013

    So smooth using your Ascent with a water pipe. Make sure you know if you have a 14mm or 18mm opening on your water pipe. I ordered the wrong size but was able to pick up an adapter at my local hemp shop and now the U-water tool fits perfectly.

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